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Where authentic vintage, rare, and collectible designer handbags and accessories get a new lease on life. We’re talking timeless charm without compromising your budget! My collection is a treasure trove of finely-aged pieces that are ready to become your stylish, trusty sidekicks.

Wake up and smell the designer aroma! I post new pieces for sale on Facebook bright and early at 7:00am many times a week, so set those alarm clocks. Don’t worry if you miss it though – availability can also be seen in my stories daily or by scrolling through the page.

YES, all goods are 100% authentic guaranteed. I have no tolerance for counterfeits here. NONE. Not only are counterfeits illegal and unethical, they are often produced in deplorable labor conditions, many times involving forced labor. Counterfeits have also been linked to human trafficking and the drug trade. If you’re still skeptical about a purchase and would like to do your due diligence further, I can provide you a list of companies that offer professional authentication services.

xoxo Nikki
Lake Conroe, Tx

Budget – Why shell out big bucks for a spanking new handbag when you can score a one-of-a-kind vintage gem for a steal?

Quality – You know what they say, ‘They don’t make ’em like they used to!’ Vintage bags were made to last – that’s why vintage is QUEEN. New bags are becoming more mass produced often overlooking quality control.

Uniqueness– Unless Dylan’s mom down the street is secretly a fashion icon, she won’t have the same exclusive handbag or accessory as you. The odds are about as likely as me becoming the next Miss Universe.

Sustainability– Who knew being eco-friendly could be so runway? By repurposing that preloved bag, you’re not only helping the environment but also bringing impeccable style to those around you!

Investment – Investing in vintage bags is basically a surefire way to double your money. Or at the very least, double the amount of compliments you get.

I ship via UPS insured with tracking. To deter those pesky scammers, note that I video the packing process of all orders. If you’re a local, heya friend! You’re welcome to pickup with a scheduled appointment.

I accept Venmo, Zelle, and PayPal. But just a heads up, PayPal’s fees are no joke for us small business owners! So please tack on an extra 4% when you pay with PP. They do offer some nifty payment plan options and interest-free installments if you want to splurge on those more pricey bags!

I’m a pro at bringing old things back to life, but I can’t promise perfection. Vintage isn’t meant to be flawless. I’m obsessed with a lived-in bag. After all, these items have lived a little! So if you’re super fussy, preloved might not be for you.

I go above and beyond to give you the tea on every item. I’m talking super specific photos and videos, and if you need more proof, just ask! But fair warning: once that bag is in your hands, it’s your’s. All sales are final.

Lastly, I also direct an exotic animal rescue organization. Partial proceeds from EVERY purchase go to this organization. So with each purchase that you make, you are helping me rescue and rehabilitate animals in need. And for that, I can’t thank you enough for your business.